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The Pinnacle of

Precision Machining

At every step, from engineering to testing.

We perform excellence in precision manufacturing every day. Andrew Tool is known for extremely tight tolerance machining and the manufacturing engineering needed to support such a precise delivery.

We achieve this with our strong culture of quality, which demands uncompromising excellence and continuous expansion of our capabilities, resulting in mutual profitability.

Our promise: Be a partner that ensures your parts meet print and fulfill your design intent.

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Tooling & Machining

Precision, perfection, and performance in tooling, machining, and production.

We specialize in high-precision parts that require extreme attention to detail with no room for compromise.

Concurrent Engineering & Project Development

Intelligent Precision

Ensure your designs are optimized for manufacturability and functionality with our detailed engineering services.

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Robust inspection services

Guarantee performance and compliance for both existing and new parts and products. 

Assembly, Testing & Integration

Value-added services to meet your demands

Shorten the supply chain and demonstrate product functionality.

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